Want some tips on engaging customers online?

  Social Monkey and Wordfire Communications in association with Fabcom present: Moving your marketing forward Building online customer relationships 9.15am to 12.30pm, Wednesday 24 October Cranmer Conference Centre, Home Farm Cottages, Cranmer, Fakenham, Norfolk NR21 9HY Know your business should be on Twitter but not sure where to start? Need...
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5 reasons to join the Twitter chorus

Twitter: pointless and superficial or the future of communication? Well, here's the helpful and unhelpful thing: it's probably both. I only signed up about 6 months ago. I had good reasons for not throwing myself into it earlier. Why would anyone be interested in what I was eating for dinner?...
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It’s very simple

You only put an apostrophe in its if you want it to mean it is. So you might write: "It's raining men" or "It's a little too quiet out there". Otherwise, there is no apostrophe in its. Ever. "A ladybird can't change its spots."  "The flu has run its course."...
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How accommodating

When I was about 9, I had to learn “accommodation” for a spelling test. I took spelling tests very seriously, so I decided to memorise the word by chanting the letters to myself. And then I noticed they rhyme. Say it out loud as you read it: A-C-C O-M-M O-D...
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Me and Gaga, Cliff and I

Cliff Richard and Lady Gaga aren’t usually discussed in the same sentence. Or even the same conversation. I can’t think why. They’re both highly respected singers, known for their stage presence and enigmatic private lives. Yet they have something else in common that is hardly ever noted: their ungrammatical songs....
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