Why work with me?

You are in safe hands with WordFire Communications

I offer an unusual mix of hardcore editorial precision and marketing flair.

Unusually for a copywriter, I have editorial skills – so I know what good writing looks like.

Unusually for an editor, I have marketing skills – so I know how to break the rules to get results.


I know what I am doing

I am now freelance but worked for many years in corporate publishing and marketing departments and have private and public sector experience.

I've experienced the pleasures and pains (OK, mostly pains) of business planning, setting targets, measuring ROI, keeping to ever-shrinking budgets and still having to do my day-to-day job within the little time left. I know what you're up against and I can help make your life easier.


I am well qualified

I have a degree in English from Oxford University and a post-graduate diploma in Management Studies.

I’m an Associate of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders (SfEP).

I regularly go to training courses and conferences, and keep up with the latest language and technical trends.

Take a look at my LinkedIn profile if you want to know more about my background.


You will get value for money

My rates are reasonable and the investment will more than cover the costs of doing the work yourself.


I will work with you

I will take the time to know your business, to understand your market and find the best way to bring them together.


I am straight-talking

If your communications could get you better results, I will tell you how.


I am easy to work with

I’m approachable, versatile, reliable and discreet so you can depend on your text being returned as agreed: as required, on time and to budget.


Contact me now for a quote, and start making your message clear.

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